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Meet The Team

Where there is loyalty, there is impact.

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DeAnna Carlson Zink Headshot
DeAnna Carlson Zink, ’86
Chief Executive Officer
Lisa Azure Headshot
Lisa Azure
Sr. Executive Manager


Mike Mannausau Headshot
Mike Mannausau, ’99, ’03
Vice President of Development
Paige Onstad
Paige Onstad
Associate Vice President of Prospect Management & Research
Renee Shelton
Renee Shelton
Associate Vice President of Corporate & Foundation Relations
Becky Greer Headshot
Becky Greer, ’90
Sr. Executive Manager to the Vice President of Development
Shane Hersch Headshot
Shane Hersch, ’13, ’15
Sr. Director of Gift Planning
Jeff Dodson Headshot
Jeff Dodson
Sr. Director of Development, School of Medicine & Health Sciences
Jay Erickson Headshot
Jay Erickson, ’01
Sr. Director of Development, Nistler College of Business & Public Administration
Robin Turner Headshot
Robin Turner, ’89
Sr. Director of Development, College of Engineering & Mines
Tim Belmore Headshot
Tim Belmore
Associate Athletic Director, Major Gifts
Cassie Bowers Headshot
Cassie Bowers
Director of Development, Nistler College of Business & Public Administration
Greg Breitbach
Greg Breitbach
Director of Development, School of Law
Steve Brekke Headshot
Steve Brekke, ’84
Director of Development
Jonathan Gehrke Headshot
Jonathan Gehrke, ’06, ’11
Director of Development, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences
Hailey Huspeck Headshot
Hailey Huspek, ’18
Director of Development, College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines 
Laine Lyons Headshot
Laine Lyons, ’16
Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences
Anne Ostlund Headshot
Anne Ostlund
Executive Assistant 
Coltyn Sanderson Headshot
Coltyn Sanderson, ’16
Associate Athletic Director, Major Gifts
Ashley Stocker Headshot
Ashley Stocker, ’06
Director of Development, College of Education & Human Development
Val Sussex Headshot
Val Sussex, ’09, ’11
Director, North Dakota Champions Club
Mary Welder
Mary (Liddy) Welder, ’94
Director of Development, Center for Innovation and Graduate Studies
Mitch Wigness Headshot
Mitch Wigness
Director of Development, College of Arts & Sciences
Summer Solseng Headshot
Summer Solseng, ’20
Associate Director of Development, Annual Leadership

Finance & Operations

Nancy Pederson
Nancy Pederson, ’90

Vice President of Finance & Operations


Stephanie Peterson Headshot
Stephanie Peterson, ’99
Associate Vice President of Finance
Marla Anderson Headshot
Marla Anderson
Sr. Accounting Specialist
Ashley Adams Headshot
Ashley Adams

Gift Processing & Accounting Specialist

Cory Lien Headshot
Cory Lien
Gift Administration Coordinator & Gorecki Building Manager
Courtney Scheving
Courtney Scheving, ’06

Fund Administration Manager


Melissa Garceau Headshot
Melissa Garceau
Associate Vice President of Operations
Brian Burkett Headshot
Brian Burkett
Director of IT
Chris DeMaster Headshot
Chris DeMaster
Director of Data & Process Optimization
Cindy Filler Headshot
Cindy Filler
Director of IT
Peter Johnson Headshot
Peter Johnson, ’81, ’82
Director of Government & Public Relations
Lindsay Benson Headshot
Lindsay Benson, ’13, ’14
Data & Software Systems Specialist
Barb Cooper Vigen Headshot
Barb Cooper Vigen, ’95
Administrative Assistant
Mara Erickson
Mara Erickson, ’23
Data Coordinator
Jeffrey Hemming Headshot
Jeffrey Hemming
Data Transfer Analyst
Thad Pera
Thaddaeus Pera
Business Intelligence Developer
Jeannie Tvedt Headshot
Jeannie Tvedt 
Data Quality Manager
Adam Whetham Headshot
Adam Whetham, ’21
Associate Director of IT

Marketing & Communications

Sarah Prout Headshot
Sarah Prout, ’07
Vice President of Marketing & Communications 
Alyssa Konickson Headshot
Alyssa Konickson, ’06
Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications 
Milo Smith Headshot
Milo Smith
Sr. Director of Public Relations & Videography
Jenn Lukens Headshot
Jenn Lukens
Director of Stewardship & Donor Appreciation 
Keely Useldinger Headshot
Keeley Useldinger
Director of Events
Jenny Wolf Headshot
Jenny Wolf, ’03
Director of Creative & Brand Strategy
Paula Bradburry Headshot
Paula Bradbury, ’94
Associate Director of Stewardship & Donor Appreciation 
Sara Titera Headshot
Sara Everson
Graphic Designer & Social Media Coordinator
Ellie Johnson Headshot
Ellie Johnson, ’15
Associate Director of Events
Mercedes Jorgenson
Mercedes Knutson, ’21
Gorecki Alumni Center Events Manager
Chad O'Shea Headshot
Chad O’Shea, ’20
Associate Director of Stewardship Communication
Matthew Scheerer
Matthew Scheerer
Associate Director of Development Communications
Stephanie Schultz Headshot
Stephanie Schultz, ’91
Associate Director of Storytelling & Content Strategy 
Carly Tate Headshot
Carly Tate, ’18
Associate Director of Engagement
Samantha Zimmerman Headshot
Samantha Zimmerman, ’23

Event Coordinator

Talent Management

Linsey Stadstad Headshot
Linsey Stadstad, ’06, ’11
Vice President of Talent Management

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