Prakash Ranganathan and students

Giving attention to individual growth

Professor creates experiences for students to tap into their unlimited potential.

Dr. Prakash Ranganathan is an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering and the Director for Data Energy Cyber and Systems (DECS) Laboratory at UND's College of Engineering & Mines. His expertise in smart grids, cybersecurity, operations research, data mining and forecasting has brought in millions of dollars to fund research at UND.

Respected by educators and engineering professionals alike, Dr. Ranganathan's attention to the individual growth of his students is what sets him apart โ€“ like mentoring Native American students on the benefits of STEM for tribal populations and creating collaborative learning experiences in and outside the classroom.

โ€œThe nature of research today is such that interdisciplinary teams are becoming the norm,โ€ Dr. Ranganathan told UND Today contributor David Dodds. โ€œGaining firsthand experience in teamwork should be promoted in undergraduate education.โ€

Being exposed early to state-of-the-art research has helped undergrad students studying under Dr. Ranganathan tap into their unlimited potential. Some have been published in peer-reviewed journals and others have found co-ops and internships that often lead to full-time careers with companies such as 3M, IBM, Northrop Grumman, United Technologies, Collins Aerospace and Minnkota Power.

Prakash Ranganathan
This is a tremendous opportunity for the advisor to help open doors to a research experience.

"This is a tremendous opportunity for the advisor to help open doors to a research experience,โ€ said Dr. Ranganathan. โ€œBy explaining the process and available employment opportunities, academic advisors can help demystify the procedure and ignite a passion for research.โ€

Dr. Ranganathan has been recognized with the 2019 Founders Day Award for Creative work, the College of Engineering and Mines (CEM) Deanโ€™s Outstanding Faculty Award in 2018 and the North Dakota Spirit Faculty Achievement Award in 2013 from UND Alumni Foundation. He is also a recipient of Public Scholar Award in 2014 from the Center for Community Engagement.

Adapted from und today's On the leading edge