Alumni Authors

Recently published books by alumni

James Puppe, '68, was honored with a 2020 Independent Publisher Book Award in the Midwest - Best Regional Non-Fiction category for his book, "Dakota Attitude: Interviews from Every Town in North Dakota." 
David Bailly, ..'72, '76, has published "America ... Still Going," a follow-up to his 2019 work "America Going, Going ...". The books describe how the baby boomers were raised in the heartland by the Greatest Generation, and how those principles have been significantly discarded by subsequent generations, leading to the America of today. Both can be purchased on Amazon. 
Barry Dalberto, ’70, has published “Brave Nisayenh Ma'iinga,” a sequel to his 2017 book, “Distant Dreamer.” Both books are available on Amazon or by emailing He is retired, living in a small town near Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

Sharon Drewlo, '88, a pediatric occupational therapist, wrote "Guide & Grow: Baby's 1st Year."
John Truesdell, '67, has published a factual thriller called "Timeflash: How Fast Momentous Events Transpire in the Lifetime of One Man and His Family."

Denise Lajimodiere, '78, '96, '06, has published a new book of poetry, "His Feathers Were Chains." It is available from NDSU Press, Baker and Taylor, Amazon and independent bookstores.

David Espindola, '87, published a business book titled "he Exponential Era - Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Curve in an Era of Chaotic Changes and Disruptive Forces." Learn more at
Mike Jacobs, '70, '14, authored "The Duck Factory: A History of Waterfowl in North Dakota" and "The Bank of North Dakota  |  From Surviving to Thriving - The First 100 Years."

Jamie Stoudt, ‘77, has published his first novel, “Back Again,” through Beaver’s Pond Press, in hardcover and e-book. His second novel, “Don’t Get Caught,” is currently in editing at the publisher, and his third novel, “Donna Carlasccio,” is completed, in manuscript form. He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Jane Kurtz, '95, has written "Chickens on the Loose," a rhyming/counting children's book inspired by her neighbors' hilarious stories of backyard flock escapees. Jane shares the story behind the story in this short video.

Mardeen (Whitty) Schultz, ’90, wrote and published her first children’s book. Harry the Happy Troll tells the story of a young troll who ignores the social norms of the troll world and befriends a human boy. You can find it on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

Paul Legler, '76, has been named a Foreword Indie Book of the Year finalist for his novel "Half the Terrible Things." He lives in Minneapolis.