The Techiest Teacher

Amazon ‘Ambassador’ challenged to increase access to technology. 

Amazon was looking for teachers “passionate about equitable access to computer science and tech who love telling others about how great STEM classes are," Eddie Chamberlain, ’06, said as he explained the Amazon Future Engineer Teacher Ambassadors Program.

Amazon found Eddie. He was one of 50 teachers selected for the two-year program designed to increase access to computer science and technology for students and teachers.

The Math and Science Innovation teacher at Highview Middle School in New Brighton, Minn., teaches about 300 sixth-graders a year. “It’s like a makerspace class,” Eddie said. “The students rotate through different modules like 3-D design and printing, and laser engraving and cutting.”

With the number of hours Eddie has put into creating the class for the school’s diverse student body, he said it’s like his “third child.” “I’m constantly looking for ways to raise the bar engagement-wise and tweaking things to make them more accessible to as many students as possible.”

Eddie Chamberlain

Eddie Chamberlain teaches Math and Science Innovation in New Brighton, Minn. 

The first Future Engineer Teacher Ambassadors are teachers from various grades, regions and communities. They met for training in Seattle this summer.

Upon returning home, Eddie met with administrators, principals and students to identify accessibility challenges in his district and to develop strategies for improvement.

Eddie was the lone UND grad and one of the few teachers from the Midwest selected for the program. “I am proud to tell people UND is where I got my foundation of teaching,” he said, adding that Jerry Wenzel, an “unforgettable” adjunct faculty member, inspired him to go into science education. “I remember him bringing out that passion for getting kids excited about science.” 

Eddie brings a similar enthusiasm to teaching. “Innovation is the best class to teach because every kid loves it. It’s all hands-on and students learn something new every day.”