Priscila Ulloa sits in a court room, ready to practice law

Charting the Path to Law

Priscila Ulloa, ’22, is charting her path at UND Law.

She is an Academic Promise Scholarship recipient, Law Women’s Caucus Outstanding First Year & Second Year Member and served as coordinator for the UND Law Women’s Caucus Helen Hamilton Day. 

What inspired your journey to law school and earning your law degree?

My parents are both immigrants whose families moved to Canada in the late 1970s and early 1980s from Santiago, Chile. No one in my family has ever attended law school or any graduate school. Initially, my interest in the law peaked when I saw a need for bilingual family law attorneys in my hometown of Winnipeg.

Why did you choose the University of North Dakota School of Law?

I chose UND because of the personable staff and faculty. You are not just a number at UND Law. Also, the experiential opportunities are unique. With UND Law being the only law school in the state, the networking and job opportunities are exceptional, as is the loyalty to its students, which is often not the norm at other institutions.

The school has many networking opportunities which have helped me develop my personal and professional relationships. For example, in my first-year summer, I interned with the Federal District Court in Bismarck which led to a paid internship with a family law firm in Grand Forks and a job offer upon graduation. Being a UND Law student has proven to be an invaluable advantage.

How have your scholarships impacted your educational journey?

The scholarships I’ve received have made a huge difference in my life. I am a first-generation university student, and that comes with many challenges. While my parents are extremely supportive and have worked very hard to give me the education I have always wanted, law school was well beyond our means. There were many moments I thought I would have to give up on my professional goals because of finances; however, scholarships have helped ease some of that financial pressure.

Why did you get involved with UND Law Women’s Caucus?

I spearheaded a pre-law mentorship program that paired a current LWC member with a prospective law student. I remember what it felt like to have an uneasy feeling, trying to figure out law school for the very first time. It can get lonely and confusing, and I wished I had someone to give me advice along the way. This program was a way for our members to be a valuable source of support for prospective students as they navigate their way through the LSAT, applying to law school, and financial hurdles.

My path to law school was difficult financially and because I grew up with some childhood traumas, that put up barriers in my process along the way. My motivation in contributing to the LWC was to encourage other females who may be going through a tough time. My hope is to be a light for others to show them that they can come up from a difficult situation as well.


Supporting students like Priscila is a necessity. By creating more scholarships, our future leaders have more opportunities to advance in their education and careers.