Adriatic Charms 

May 5 - 16, 2017

Encounter classic Adriatic charms, from majestic walled cities steeped in history to winding canals crossed by gracefully arched bridges. Depart Rome’s port of Civitavecchia aboard Riviera, Oceania Cruises’ elegant vessel, and sail to Livorno, a gateway to the magnificent architecture of Florence, Pisa’s iconic landmarks, or the soul-stirring landscapes of Tuscany. Then explore Amalfi, a colorful resort town overlooking sapphire seas, and marvel at Taormina’s impressive Greek theater. Relax on Zakynthos, a beautiful Ionian island with sandy beaches caressed by brilliant blue waters. Discover the quaint villages and olive trees that dot Corfu’s emerald landscape, and stop at Montenegro’s port of Kotor, an intriguing coastal town backed by mist-shrouded mountains. Stroll the marble-paved squares of Dubrovnik, Croatia’s walled masterpiece, and see the 15th-century Praetorian Palace in Koper. Conclude your journey in Venice, a magical city laced with delicate bridges and canals parted by gondolas.

Destination: Rome and Venice
Trip Type: Cruise
Provider: Go Next

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