September 9, 2020

Filling the gap

Scholarships and hard work launch UND graduate into workforce debt free


As a student, Tomchuk advocated before
North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum
for the UND Math Active Learning Lab.
Photo by Shawna Schill/UND Today.

As a transfer student, Morgan Tomchuk, ’20, quickly capitalized on the opportunities UND’s Nutrition & Dietetics program offered.
“I never felt that my UND programs were traditional ‘school.’ They were always hands-on, which helped me prepare for my internship and now career. I think the College of Nursing & Professional Disciplines programs do a very good job of giving students real-world experiences,” Morgan stated.
She got involved in the community planning nutritious meals for clients of Northlands Rescue Mission and as a community educator with the Alzheimer’s Association. Her initiative was noticed: As a junior, she was elected president of UND’s Tau Sigma National Honor Society and later won the 2020 Nutrition and Dietetics Outstanding Senior Award.
At a young age, Morgan applied the principles of saving and working hard to earn an income. While she held several jobs during college, scholarships helped fill the gap. She recalled the moment she found out about her Velma Hurmence Scholarship, awarded to senior Dietetic & Nutrition students of good character and high marks: “A letter was mailed to my house. I told my mom she could open it for me. She was so excited that she hung it on the fridge!”
Her dedication and financial awards paid off, and Morgan entered the workforce free from college debt. Now a dietician with Sanford Health in Bismarck, N.D., she works alongside a team that includes four other UND graduates.
“To be surrounded by people who are passionate about patient-centered care is incredibly rewarding,” said Morgan. “When stepping on both the UND and Sanford Health campus, it feels much like coming home.”
— by Jenn Lukens
Supporting students is vital. For the last 20 years tuition has steadily increased, but the number of scholarships have not kept pace. Creating more scholarships will create more opportunity for tomorrow's leaders, like Morgan Tomchuk.
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