Tatiana Hamilton
Political Science, ’16

Tatiana HamiltonWhy did you choose UND? 
When I toured the University, I fell in love — it truly felt like it could be my home away from home. I also knew that I eventually wanted to go to law school, so I figured walking by the UND School of Law every single day would motivate me to achieve my dream (it worked!). 

What is your dream career?
My dream job is to work in a government setting, starting out with being a State Prosecutor. I want to be able to speak on behalf of those who feel like they don’t easily have a voice and help them feel like they received justice. Later in life, I dream of being a judge. 

How is UND helping you realize that dream? 
I’ve started the path to my dreams in my undergraduate years here at the University of North Dakota. I came into college knowing what I wanted to do, but UND has provided a push further in that direction. I’ve been lucky to have supportive professors in the Political Science department who are always willing to help me and other students as we need it. I’ve gotten the opportunity to take classes that will be a basis for me to pursue my legal career, something I may not have gotten if I attended a different school. Faculty, the classroom environment, the city — all things that can make or break a college experience, but luckily for me, my experience has been nothing 
but perfect.

What else have you been involved with?
I’ve been very involved in campus activities. I joined Gamma Phi Beta sorority as a freshman, which has given me various opportunities throughout the Greek community. I’ve served as my chapter’s Philanthropy Chair, a member of the Standards committee, and I was a Rho Gamma (recruitment counselor) this fall! I’ve truly found my best friends and support system in my sorority. At the end of the day, everyone is very supportive of their fellow Greeks through tough situations, regardless of their affiliation. I consider myself very blessed to be a part of this community within UND. 

I am also involved with Student Ambassadors. I am on the Executive Board with about 10 peers who strive to be great representatives of UND. We plan student activities for Welcome Weekend and Homecoming, so the hours can get very crazy, but it’s overall been an amazing experience for me to grow to be more confident. I’ve had so many networking opportunities through the program, including attending the Sioux Awards this fall. I didn’t know when I went into the program that it would be such an opportunity for me to learn and grow, but here I am!

I’ve taken a wide variety of classes in my undergraduate studies. Through careful planning and always working my very hardest, I’ll be graduating a semester early. I’m happy that I’ve gotten such a high-quality education at an amazing university.