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The Open Door Scholarship provides tuition assistance to help students finish their degrees. UND Student Finance will take into account the unique financial situation of every student and award an average of $1,000 to those who qualify.
Give today and double your impact. The UND Alumni Association & Foundation has provided a gift that will match yours, making your contribution go even further.
We want students to finish their education here, at their UND home. Open the door for students by giving today.

In this video, DeAnna Carlson Zink shares what we can do to open the door a little wider for students this year.

UND Today's Keeping the door open for students hampered by COVID-19 article gives a closer look at the Open Door Scholarship and those behind it.

Over $120,000 has already been committed.
  • 20% of students have outstanding balances on their tuition.
  • 30% of those enrolled at UND are first-generation college students and are at greater risk of not returning.
  • 12.5% decline in enrollment of freshman who come from low-income families.
  • One-Stop Student services is currently averaging 50 phone calls a day from students and guardians with questions regarding financial aid.
  • In an average year, Student Finance processes 100-200 FAFSA income appeals. This year, Student Finance is prepared to see that number double.

Why was the Open Door Scholarship created?

This new scholarship was created to assist the growing number of students who need financial assistance for tuition following the national COVID-19 pandemic and economic downturn.

How is UNDAAF involved?

UNDAAF has provided a 1:1 match of $300,000 to encourage alumni and friends to donate an additional sum of $300,000. Pledges and installments can be made for up to three years. Employer matches will be honored.

How much are you requesting of me?

While a gift of $1,000 will fund two Open Door Scholarships, a gift of any amount can unlock an equal sum from UNDAAF, doubling your impact.

How do students apply for this scholarship?

While there is not a formal application process, Student Finance will work with One-Stop Student Services to identify students who would benefit from the scholarship. Steps will be taken to evaluate the student’s financial situation and eligibility and exhaust all other financial aid options available before awarding the scholarship.

How much scholarship money will be allotted to students?

Scholarships will be awarded in amounts averaging $1,000. The funds will be applied to the student’s tuition balance.

How is this scholarship different from the UND Angel Fund?

The UND Angel Fund covers student needs outside of tuition. The Open Door Scholarship is solely for tuition aid.

Can I specify what college I would like to support with my gift?

Yes. You can earmark your donation for your preferred college. Since the scholarship operates as an unrestricted fund, additional specifications will not be available.

Can my donation go toward an endowment?

In order to maximize the impact of the gifts, donations cannot be made to an endowment. Distributions from endowment funds will also not qualify for this scholarship.

Will the entirety of my gift go to the Open Door Scholarship?

Yes. Since this is a scholarship, UNDAAF will not apply the standard reinvestment fee of 5%.

Will I receive tax benefits for my donation?

Donations made to the Open Door Scholarship will be counted as a charitable donation and a tax receipt will be provided. We recommend you work with your tax advisor to determine if you qualify for a tax deduction.


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