Harvey and Melanie Noteboom in the Nistler Building

Value of an Education

Harvey, ’71, and Melanie Noteboom know the value of education and want to provide an opportunity for today’s students to “get a little bit further” in their lives.

The couple met as first-year teachers in East Grand Forks. Melanie went on to be a business education teacher in the district for 35 years. After that first year, Harvey moved on to a career in sales.

Melanie said the couple's financial position provides the "opportunity to give money to young people." Harvey elaborated: "If you've acquired any excess money and you don't have kids, you have to decide where you're going to go with it. We both have our degrees, so this is a case of putting our money where it's going to be of some value to a number of people."

 ...this is a case of putting our money where it’s going to be of some value to a number of people.Harvey Noteboom, ’71

The Harvey and Melanie Noteboom Education Scholarship Endowment provides scholarships to students enrolled in the UND College of Education & Human Development. The couple set up similar scholarships for students at Mayville (N.D.) State University, Melanie's alma mater.

The scholarships are awarded to one or more junior or senior students each year. Melanie learned while working with high school seniors that "their plans often change during their first semester of college. Therefore, the Noteboom scholarships go to upperclassmen "who have a better idea of where they are going," Melanie said.

The Notebooms also gave to the Nistler College of Business & Public Administration Building and designated UNO as the primary benefactor in their trust. "We've enjoyed the benefits from our finances and always want to share them," Harvey said.

The Notebooms have found other ways to share, taking advantage of their early retirement as a chance to give back. After moving to Phoenix, Arizona, in the late 1990s, the couple started a fruit-gleaning business. Over 14 years, the group led by Harvey and Melanie donated 1.5 million pounds of fruit to a local food pantry.

Melanie says that she and Harvey have a well-defined giving philosophy: "We wanted to help both of our universities and other organizations that help others."