My Story

UND’s passionate students make us proud. Each season, one Student Ambassador will share how your contributions impact their experience at UND. Our students are our future leaders for the state, nation and world. Thank you for contributing to their education.

Darian HedlandName

Darian Hedland, Hatton, North Dakota


B.A. Elementary Education

Why UND?

Two things brought me to the University of North Dakota— a track and field scholarship and the reputation of UND’s Teacher Education program. In track, I compete in the heptathlon, a grueling combination of 7 different running and throwing events. Unfortunately, I am sidelined this year due to injuries. In the Teaching and Learning program, I have chosen to pursue not one but three areas of specialized teaching in addition to my elementary education major: a minor in special education, an English language learner teaching endorsement, and a reading credential which will allow me to work as a reading specialist. I am also taking Spanish classes and last year used the language on a mission trip to Belize.


I want to be a positive influence for students, just as many of my former teachers in Hatton positively influenced me. I work part-time as a certified nurse’s assistant in a memory care facility in Grand Forks, and one of my dreams is to establish an intergenerational program where elementary school children engage in service learning by assisting the elderly. 

How has philanthropy impacted you?

To all the donors out there, I offer up a big “Thank You!” Your financial donations allow students like me to spend less time stressing and worrying about how we are going to pay for our education and focus on what really matters, becoming the best future educators that we can.

This year, I received the 2015 College of Education and Human Development scholarship as well as a track and field scholarship to help aid in the cost of tuition. The scholarships have allowed me to spend more time volunteering in the Grand Forks area schools and focus more on my own studies. The honor of being given this CEHD scholarship has made me appreciate all of the sponsors and UND Alumni that give to the current education students. One day I will be honored to be able to do the same and pay it forward to deserving UND students.