Max's Story

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University of North Dakota senior Max Ramstad knew he would need financial help to get his undergraduate degree at UND.

"I applied for a lot of scholarships in high school," said Ramstad, a Minnesota native. "The main scholarship I recieved from UND was the Greg and Cindy Page Award when I came here as a business student. That helped me a lot."

Ramstad became absorbed in the world of philanthropic fundraising after talking with staff at the Alumni Association and Foundation who helped him with scholarships. That interest developed into a role with the team as a fundraising support intern, where he has the opportunity to chat with alumni and donors. "They love talking about their experience here. It's so special," he said. "When you hear them talk about it, you can tell that UND had a massive impact."

Max was recently accepted into Columbia's Master of Science in Nonprofit Management, where he will continue the education that he started at UND. As he prepares to continue impacting others, he is thankful for the generosity that has gotten him this far. 

"I really wouldn't be able to have the opportunities I'll have past graduation without my scholarships," said Ramstad.




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