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Alumni groups are a great way to connect with fellow UND alumni and friends right in your hometown — no matter where you live! Our Alumni Chapter Leaders plan and host events in their respective area to foster school spirit, networking, and professional development for UND Alumni. 

Duties of a Chapter Leader

Host a minimum of 1 event through the academic year. These events can consist of:

  • 1 Athletic event | EX. Men’s hockey watch party
  • 1 Professional networking event | EX. Business After-Hours Social
  • 1 Social event | EX. Wine tasting
  • Other ideas: Picnics, BBQ’s, painting pubs, fundraising events, community service, concerts, sporting events, blood drives, happy hours, etc.

Through these events, the chapter leader will:

  • Choose dates, locations, and cost (if any) for each event.
  • Inform the Alumni Association and Foundation of the event by filling out the online event form 3 weeks or more in advance.
  • Record attendance – we want to know who is attending the events!
  • Update the Alumni Association and Foundation with how the event went.
  • Actively participate in online and social media engagement for events on the chapter specific Facebook page.

Expectations of the Alumni Association and Foundation

  • Assist and answer questions the chapter leader may have about planning the event
  • Provide the leader with marketing and communication assistance

*At this time there will be no funding support; for events that require funding you have the option to charge attendees a fee or take on the charge.

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