Let's Help Bubba III

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SiouxSports.com, established in 1994, is an online community for fans, media, families, participants and friends of Fighting Hawks athletics. SiouxSports.com members are proud of the progress Coach Bubba Schweigert has made with the football program.   Last year, SS.com members assisted in the purchase of specialized knee braces for our offensive linemen - an important safety measure.  Earlier this season, members raised enough to provide all players with ankle braces.  We hope to assist with one more important need this season.
To assist UND players prepare, a video upgrade is necessary for them to have access to game and practice film away from the stadium.  This will allow players the freedom to study tape between classes, in the evening, or anyplace else they may be,    
The annual cost of purchasing this upgrade approaches $5,000.  That will be our goal. Donating is fast and easy!  We welcome any amount you can give…$25, $50, $100…whatever you can do will help the UND Fighting Hawk football team.  All donations are tax deductible and are handled by the UND Alumni Association and Foundation, so it is safe and secure.

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