The following words were recently shared by recipients of UND Angel Funds.

“Thank you for allowing me to be more financially stable during these questionable times. A large weight has been lifted off of my shoulders, thanks to you.”
-UND Angel Fund Recipient

“Thank you very much, this means a whole lot to me. I am very appreciative.”

-UND Angel Fund Recipient
“The virus situation has been very difficult for me. With a compromised immune system, I have been unable to work.... Your generosity has allowed me to pay a portion of my medical bills, greatly reducing my stress level.
-UND Angel Fund Recipient
"Oh my goodness thank you all so beyond much this is so greatly appreciated! It took a lot of stress off my shoulders, especially during finals week."
-UND Angel Fund Recipient
"The Angel Fund monies are greatly appreciated!!! Thank you What a wonderful gift! It couldn't be more timely for me. I will definitely pay it forward someday."
-UND Angel Fund Recipient
“Thank you and the Angel Fund support team for this wonderful gift. I am filled with joy and absolutely broke down in tears. This gift lifts a financial burden off my shoulders during this unprecedented time. Thank you times a million!”
-UND Angel Fund Recipient
“Thank you so beyond much. This will help me more than you could ever know, especially because my current summer job position is uncertain. This will help me pay for rent and let me breathe for the time being. This is tremendous news, and I cannot thank you enough.”
-UND Angel Fund Recipient


The following are excerpts from applications recently submitted to the UND Angel Fund. Because of generous donations, all of these students have received funding.
“Before the national emergency, I was on track to graduate in May, take my physical therapy boards and get my dream job… I had to reschedule my boards as I cannot pay for them at this time anymore. The Angel Fund would allow me to be able to finish what I've worked so hard the last 6 years to achieve.
-UND physical therapy student
“I'm an international student at UND. I’ve had teeth braces for over 9 months now. Currently, I have issues with my braces…. Unfortunately, I don't have dental insurance as my initial plan was to remove braces in my home country. The unexpected treatment amount will become a financial burden to me. I sincerely request you to consider my application for assistance from the Angel Fund.”
-UND senior
“On March 7th, 2020, my father passed away after battling multiple illnesses the last 7 years and being in the ICU for the last 6 months…. I had to borrow some money from a family friend to pay my April rent and utilities. If there is any way I can get that covered or partially covered it would help me a lot.”
-UND student
“I am a PhD student from the Department of Petroleum Engineering…. I have applied for graduation in May, but due to the impacts of COVID-19, I can only book my flights back home in June, which means that I will have no income to cover my living expenses for the following two months. Life is hard, and it will help me a lot if I can be awarded the Angel Fund.
-UND doctoral student
“I am 22 years old and recently went to the doctor for some unexpected health issues. Multiple tests, lab work, and doctor visits have added quite a financial toll on my life. I have not hit my deductible for my health insurance, so all this money has to come out of pocket. I will be graduating on May 16th, and I am very anxious as to what my financial future holds with this virus. Any amount of support that I can obtain would be a blessing.”
-UND senior

"I was recently in a car accident…. I have some medical bills from this accident that I need to pay off and am still out of work now due to the COVID-19…. The day after I arrived [back home in Indiana], my dad's business burned down. It has been a tough couple months for me and my family."
-UND grad student
I have recently become homeless and am living on social security of under $1000/month…. I am needing to find affordable housing and finish up my coursework at the same time. I don't have the financial ability to do both at this time.”
-UND student
“Until the recent shutdowns caused by COVID-19, I was working two jobs to support myself, my education, and my family….With my income cut by over half, I am struggling financially and am concerned what the future will hold.”
-Full-time UND student/full-time mom
“As an international student from Norway, I was supposed to go home this summer and work. But unfortunately, I can't because of COVID-19…. This is really bad timing for international students who don't have any supporting system or family near us. I hope I at least can get support to pay the rent. I really don't know what to do.”
-UND international student
COVID-19 has flipped my life upside down…. Due to COVID-19, I don't have my nanny job any longer and my daycare is no longer providing childcare. I am struggling to find ways to make money right now. My mother works in the service industry and is currently unemployed due to COVID-19. We are very scared for what the next few months will bring.”
-UND honors student

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