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“I know there are kids who are just barely making it work to afford school and living expenses on a normal basis and who may not have family resources to assist. I also know that students who were counting on internships over the summer are now having to figure out alternatives.”
--Caroline Chambers, '86

All gifts made to this unrestricted fund are tax-deductible.
As part of the CARES Act, contributions up to $300 made by any taxpayer to the UND Angel Fund in 2020 will qualify for an “above-the-line” charitable tax deduction. The CARES Act also removes the adjusted gross income (AGI) limitations on charitable income tax deductions for cash gifts by individuals. Individuals may now claim a charitable tax deduction of up to 100% of AGI for cash gifts. Certain corporations can also qualify for tax deductions for gifts made to the UND Angel Fund.

Thank you, Angels

"Oh my goodness thank you all so beyond much. This is so greatly appreciated! It took a lot of stress off my shoulders, especially during finals week."
-UND Angel Fund Recipient
"The Angel Fund monies are greatly appreciated!!! Thank you. What a wonderful gift! It couldn't be more timely for me. I will definitely pay it forward someday."
-UND Angel Fund Recipient

Read excerpts from students who have applied for UND Angel Funds here.

A family emergency // The sudden loss of a job // Unexpected medical expenses
The present circumstances are affecting students in ways that are beyond their control.
The UND Angel Fund provides financial help for students so these kinds of challenges aren't a barrier to completing their education.
By applying through the UND Student Affairs Office, our students can receive the help they need through the generous support of alumni and friends like you.
Be an angel. Lend a heart and give today.

UND Angel Fund Quick Stats

As of May 27, 2020:
  • Over $100,000 has been raised
  • Out of 281 requests received, 126 have been funded
  • $84,733 has been awarded
  • $672.48 is the average payout per applicant
  • An average of 3-4 student applications are received daily
  • Allocations are granted to undergrad and graduate/med/law students alike
  • Requests from international students are high and will likely continue since they do not qualify for CARES Act funding

Q&A with Cara Halgren

Vice President for Student Affairs & Diversity and Dean of Students gives a closer look at the fund that is helping students through hardship and crisis.

April 16th, 2020
What is your role with the UND Angel Fund?
The Vice President for Student Affairs accepts and reviews students’ requests for support from the UND Angel Fund which is supported through the UND Division of Student Affairs & Diversity. If funding is approved for the request, we work with Student Finances to get the funding posted to the student’s UND account. In addition to working with student requests, we also do what we can to promote and fundraise for the UND Angel Fund in hopes that resources continue to be available to assist students.
How did the idea for the UND Angel Fund come about?
While the UND Angel Fund was recently developed, the concept is not new to UND and started over 40 years ago. At that time, a student told the then Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Gordon Henry, that they needed money to attend the funeral of a sibling. Dr. Henry, working with colleagues at UND, found the money for the student to attend. Later, the student and their family shared with Dr. Henry the importance of receiving the money and being able to attend the funeral. Over time, we have had very generous friends and alumni who have made funds available to assist students in financial need.
Who qualifies for UND Angel Fund allocations?
The following are requirements for students to be considered for funding:
  • Student enrolled in the current semester at UND in undergraduate, graduate or professional program
  • Student making satisfactory progress in his or her respective academic program
  • Student in Academic Good Standing and not on Conduct Probation
Since the concept began, how many students have been helped?
It’s hard to say how many students have been helped over the years. The UND Angel Fund was established in January 2020 and before that, while there were resources from the UND Alumni Association and Foundation, the resources were VERY limited and only allowed for 2-4 students to be helped in a year. Outside of formal processes, staff and faculty have also given money directly to students to assist them through a difficult situation. We have certainly not been able to assist all the students who’ve needed support!
Due to COVID-19, the needs of students have increased in unexpected ways. What has been the recent impact of the UND Angel Fund?
The UND Angel Fund application process was made available online less than one week ago. In that time, we have already fielded over 60 applications. Students are seeking financial support to provide food for their families and address financial losses as a result of personal crisis. We have also seen requests from uninsured students who need assistance with medical and dental needs. We are grateful to faculty and staff who have shared information about the UND Angel Fund with students in order to get the help that they need.
How does the UND Angel Fund reflect UND’s mission?
We believe that helping students is core to the mission of the University of North Dakota and are committed to continuing this legacy. The development of the UND Angel Fund allows us to do this in a more focused way that better serves students.
What about the UND Angel Fund inspires you the most?
The UND Angel Fund is what the University is all about! For many, UND is a home away from home and our students, alumni, faculty and staff are like a family. The UND Angel Fund is just one more example of the UND Family working to support and care for others in our family. The UND Angel Fund is at the center of who we say we are and what we say we do. 
Why do you think it’s important for people to consider donating to the UND Angel Fund right now?
Many people, especially our students, are facing challenging times right now. While donations from generous supporters have increased in the past few weeks, the recent requests from students will soon exhaust the funds in the account. To meet the requests, we will need to quickly increase the balance. By supporting the UND Angel Fund, we can work to help our students with their current challenges in hopes that they can continue their academic pursuits here, graduate and become members of the UND alumni family.

A Message from our CEO

Though this is an unprecedented time, our vision remains strong: to foster connections, inspire generosity, and advance the University of North Dakota. Thank you for all you have done to move that vision forward!
In light of the current pandemic, I would like to highlight the UND Angel Fund which is supported through UND's Division of Student Affairs & Diversity. This unrestricted fund is available for students needing financial help through challenging times. Many students are facing crises that will continue in the upcoming months. We encourage you to support them in their time of need by giving to the UND Angel Fund today by using the form on this page. 
While we take this day by day, we appreciate all that you have done to help us in this mission to advance our University and its students. As your daily lives change, we join you in taking the time to focus on what matters most.
Please let me know what questions and concerns you may have.
Take care and be well,
DeAnna Carlson Zink, ’86, CFRE  
Chief Executive Officer
University of North Dakota Alumni Association & Foundation
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3501 University Ave Stop 8157 |  Grand Forks, ND 58202
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