Engineers Without Borders
at the University of North Dakota

a University of North Dakota Student Organization

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Engineers Without Borders at the University of North Dakota (EWB-UND) was revived in 2015 under new leadership to build a student run chapter that uses our skills to help communities in developing countries live their best lives. We want to see everyone in the world have sustainable access to clean water and proper shelters. We want to see children getting an education because they have the electricity to do their schoolwork. We embody EWB’s mission statement in that, “EWB-USA builds a better world through engineering projects that empower communities to meet their basic human needs and equip leaders to solve the world’s most pressing challenges”.

Our chapter’s mission not only extends across the border, but we help our local community through habitat for humanity and service projects around Grand Forks, ND. We aspire to develop our members as philanthropic individuals that continue to use their skills in their professional career to help those in need.

We are asking for donations to help fund our first international construction project to send 10 of our student members to Guatemala. Our volunteers will be essential team members in providing the community with improved facilities like clinics, childcare centers, and schools. Donations will go towards construction materials for the community and in-country expenses related to our stay. Any donation amount will help in our efforts to aid this community.

Project Supporters

Tamar Boujikian-DeAman
Jesse Haabak
Bart Tessier
Richard Johnson
Madalyn Tessier
Maggie Ahmann
Lee Grimley
Earl Grover
Jackie Kilian
Scott Miles
Jeff & Char Wanek

All gifts to the project will go towards the construction project even if we exceed our goal as the goal is only a portion of the total costs.